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22:57, May 31, 2006Lms.jpg (file)22 KBTimmyQuivy (This image of the front of Lowe's Motor Speedway is used as a publicity still for the speedway, and is '''only''' fair use in the LMS article. {{promotional}})
22:55, May 31, 20062004-UAW-GM-500-pitroad.jpg (file)85 KBTimmyQuivy (A photo of Lowe's Motor Speedway. {{Cc-by}})
22:54, May 31, 2006Pocono Raceway.jpg (file)8 KBTimmyQuivy (Logo of Pocono Raceway. This image is only considered rationale use for the article on Pocono Raceway. {{logo}})
22:48, May 31, 2006AtlantaMotorSpeedway.jpg (file)49 KBTimmyQuivy (This image is a promotional shot by NASCAR. It is fair use only in the article on Atlanta Motor Speedway {{promotional}})
22:46, May 31, 2006Darlington Raceway Logo.gif (file)3 KBTimmyQuivy (Darlington Raceway official logo. {{logo}})
22:37, May 31, 200618b.jpg (file)57 KBTimmyQuivy (J.J. Yeley's #18 Vigoro Chevy. These are the schemes run in 2006. '''Source:Joe Gibbs Racing''' {{promotional}})
22:37, May 31, 2006Tony Stewart Car2.jpg (file)135 KBTimmyQuivy (This photo is of Tony Stewart's car. It is copyrighted, but the owner has : {{No rights reserved}})
22:35, May 31, 2006JoeGibbsRacingLogo.jpg (file)4 KBTimmyQuivy (Joe Gibbs Racing logo. {{logo}})
22:28, May 31, 2006NewHampshireIntlSpeedway.jpg (file)36 KBTimmyQuivy (This is a NASCAR photo of New Hampshire International Speedway. Despite its copyright, the purpose of such photographs cause the photo to be licensed as '''public domain''')
22:21, May 31, 2006Bill Elliott 200 mph.jpg (file)63 KBTimmyQuivy (Bill Elliott's #9 Coors Ford that set a NASCAR record at Talladega Superspeedway)
22:20, May 31, 2006Talledaga.jpg (file)38 KBTimmyQuivy (This image of Talladega Superspeedway was produced by NASCAR to promote the speedway and NASCAR in general. Therefore, because of its consideration as a publicity work, it is classified by NASCAR Wikia as '''public domain''')
22:11, May 31, 2006C800663.jpg (file)25 KBTimmyQuivy (Richard Petty's #43 in 1981. This is a work of the Florida State Government, making it '''public domain''')
22:09, May 31, 2006Petty 200th Win.jpg (file)58 KBTimmyQuivy (Richard Petty's 1979 Daytona 500 winning car. {{Cc-by}})
22:08, May 31, 2006RichardPettyRoadrunner.jpg (file)187 KBTimmyQuivy (Richard Petty's old Roadrunner. {{Cc-by}})
22:01, May 31, 2006H Gant.jpg (file)13 KBTimmyQuivy (Harry Gant. This image classfies as '''fair use''' due to its use as a publicity shot.)
20:48, May 31, 2006Mil05pic12.jpg (file)35 KBTimmyQuivy (Martin Truex Jr., in 2004. {{Cc-by}})
20:46, May 31, 2006Kybusch2.jpg (file)40 KBTimmyQuivy (Kyle Busch's 2006 car. {{No rights reserved}})
20:40, May 31, 2006Racetickets californialg.jpg (file)9 KBTimmyQuivy (California Speedway {{logo}})
20:36, May 31, 2006SHELLncts06- 065.jpg (file)73 KBTimmyQuivy (Dennis Setzer's #85 Shell Rotella T Chevy. Will run in 10 2006 races. This is considered '''fair use''' due to it's promotional purpose.)
12:18, May 31, 2006MikeSkinner2006Truck.jpg (file)158 KBTimmyQuivy (Mike Skinner runs the #5 Toyota Tundra truck for Bill Davis Racing {{Cc-by}})
01:45, May 31, 2006GregBiffleCar.jpg (file)89 KBTimmyQuivy (Greg Biffle's 2005 Car. {{PD-USGov-Military-Army}})
01:43, May 31, 2006US Department of the Army seal.png (file)65 KBTimmyQuivy ({{PD-USGov-Military-Army}})
01:39, May 31, 2006GregBiffle.jpg (file)38 KBTimmyQuivy (Greg Biffle. A media shot taken by the U.S. Army {{PD-USGov-Military-Army}} )
00:43, May 31, 2006Mispeedway.jpg (file)9 KBTimmyQuivy (Michigan International Speedway {{Cc-by}})
00:39, May 31, 2006Bristol Motor Speedway.jpg (file)9 KBTimmyQuivy (Bristol Motor Speedway logo. {{logo}})
00:32, May 31, 2006DaytonaInternationalSpeedway.jpg (file)32 KBTimmyQuivy (Daytona International Speedway at Night. This image was taken from, which allows for reproduction of certain images. )
21:23, May 30, 2006Nascarphx20.jpg (file)54 KBTimmyQuivy (Derrike Cope, on the right, poses with a fan. {{Cc-by}})
21:21, May 30, 2006JoshRicheson.jpg (file)9 KBTimmyQuivy (Josh Richeson. This photo is considered '''public domain''' because of its purpose to inform.)
21:14, May 30, 2006FitzBradshawRacing.jpg (file)17 KBTimmyQuivy (Logo for FitzBradshaw Racing, a Busch Series team. {{logo}})
21:04, May 30, 2006Nascarphx10.jpg (file)94 KBTimmyQuivy (Kasey Kahne's car in late 2004. {{Cc-by}})
21:04, May 30, 2006Nascarphx08.jpg (file)79 KBTimmyQuivy (Kasey Kahne-2005. {{Cc-by}})
12:19, May 30, 2006Nascarphx14.jpg (file)118 KBTimmyQuivy (Brian Vickers car in late 2004. Note the Hendrick Always in Our Hearts Logo. {{Cc-by}})
12:19, May 30, 2006HendrickMSLogo.gif (file)5 KBTimmyQuivy (Hendrick Motorsports logo. {{logo}})
01:50, May 30, 2006Ashton Lewis.jpg (file)42 KBTimmyQuivy (Ashton Lewis Jr. poses with fans. As this is a work of the Federal Government (U.S. Navy) this is considered '''public domain''')
00:04, May 30, 2006Roush-watereffect.jpg (file)56 KBTimmyQuivy (Roush Racing Headquarters Used with permission according to GNU Documentation License.)
00:03, May 30, 2006RoushRacingLogo.gif (file)6 KBTimmyQuivy (Roush Racing logo. {{logo}})
22:29, May 29, 2006Worldfinancialgrouplogo.gif (file)6 KBTimmyQuivy (The logo of WFG, a sponsor for Carl Edwards and Danny O'Quinn.)
22:04, May 29, 2006Rc19403.jpg (file)56 KBTimmyQuivy (This is an aerial photograph of Daytona. According to Florida State Law, this photograph is '''public domain''')
19:46, May 29, 2006Casey Atwood.jpg (file)51 KBTimmyQuivy (Casey Atwood, in 2004. This image is considered '''public domain''' because it is a work of the U.S. government.)
19:12, May 29, 2006JeffGordonCar.jpg (file)47 KBTimmyQuivy (Jeff Gordon's #24 car runs alongside the #8 Budweiser Chevy in 2005. This image is considered fair use, due to its informance of others on Jeff Gordon.)
19:10, May 29, 2006JeffGordon.jpg (file)27 KBTimmyQuivy (Jeff Gordon, NASCAR driver. This image is considered fair use, because it is solely for informing others of Jeff Gordon)
19:03, May 29, 2006Gordon winston cup.jpg (file)33 KBTimmyQuivy (Jeff Gordon poses with the Winston Cup in 2001. {{Cc-by]])
18:52, May 29, 2006NASCARNextelCupLogo.png (file)10 KBTimmyQuivy ({{logo}})
18:02, May 29, 2006Nascarbusch.jpg (file)10 KBTimmyQuivy (NASCAR Busch Series logo. ==Copyright== {{logo}})
17:54, May 29, 2006Craftsman Logo.gif (file)8 KBTimmyQuivy 
17:41, May 29, 2006Fmslogo.jpg (file)14 KBTimmyQuivy (FMS Logo Corporate logo is public domain)
17:36, May 29, 2006CC SomeRightsReserved.png (file)2 KBTimmyQuivy 
17:33, May 29, 2006KertusDavis.jpg (file)83 KBTimmyQuivy (The #0 driven by Kertus Davis. The original uploader on WikiProject NASCAR has expressed written consent from the author to use this photo. Source: [;u=23 Josh at] == Licensing == {{Cc-b)
17:24, May 29, 2006JeffGreenCar.jpg (file)72 KBTimmyQuivy (The #66 Best Buy Chevrolet Monte Carlo, driven by Jeff Green. Copyright 2006 Race2Win )
14:31, May 29, 2006Compton Leffler.jpg (file)105 KBTimmyQuivy (The #59 Kingsford car in the middle of a pack.)

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