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The NASCAR Pinty's Series is a NASCAR series in Canada.

NASCAR's purchase of CASCAR[edit | edit source]

NASCAR began talking with the former CASCAR series in November 2004, when the two bodies signed a multi-year marketing and operational agreement. The purchase came in September 2006. The new series is expected to replace CASCAR's Super Series, and Western Series drivers can compete in the new series. The future of CASCAR's Sportsman Series is unknown. The series title sponsor is Canadian Tire.[1]

The renamed series is expected to share NASCAR's regional-tiered series, along with the NASCAR Mexico Corona Series and the two Grand National divisions, the Busch East Series and AutoZone West Series. It is widely thought the Canadian Tire and Corona Series may adopt the Grand National rules in 2008 as to allow the competitors to use the same cars in Grand National races.

NASCAR's Canadian television ratings[edit | edit source]

NASCAR is the No. 1 televised motorsport in Canada. The 2006 Daytona 500 was the most watched motorsport race in TSN history with a national average audience of 568,000 viewers. [2]

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