Developer EA Sports
Publisher EA Sports
Genre Racing
Release Date 2006
Platforms PS2, Xbox and PSP
Modes Singleplayer, online
Rating E-Everyone

NASCAR 07 is a racing game published by EA Sports in September 2006 for PlayStation 2, Xbox, and the PSP. It is the tenth installment in EA Sports' NASCAR series. The product features Elliott Sadler on the cover, as the driver for the #38 M&Ms Ford Fusion. This game is the first since NASCAR 2001 not to include a subtitle in the name. The game retains the teammate features introduced in NASCAR 06: Total Team Control, but does not add any major gameplay changes. However, the graphics include a blurring effect to attempt to give a better sense of high speed, and the pace of the gameplay has been sped up considerably. This is also the first EA Sports NASCAR game to appear on a handheld system (The PlayStation Portable). On the PlayStation Portable, the game is simply called NASCAR.

The Nextel Cup and Busch Series driver roster is the same as the roster at the beginning of the 2006 season. This creates a few major differences - Kevin Harvick drove the #29 Hershey's Kissables Chevrolet Monte Carlo at the Busch season opener in Daytona while Jeff Burton drove the #21 United States Coast Guard Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Harvick drove the #21 car for the remainder of the season, aside from a few select races. Also, in mid-August, Elliott Sadler left the #38 and replaced Jeremy Mayfield in the #19 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Charger. One major difference is that there are not as many paint schemes as in years before. In fact, there are only thirteen special paint schemes available for Nextel Cup drivers.


While a large number of real drivers have been confirmed for the NEXTEL Cup, Busch Series (as National Series), and Craftsman Truck Series in NASCAR 07, fantasy drivers are still present, sponsored by fictional or unused sponsors. However, the Whelen Modified Tour series is entirely made up of fantasy drivers. This is the last NASCAR video game to feature Bobby Hamilton.

The list of real NEXTEL Cupdrivers in NASCAR 07 are:


  1. 01 Joe Nemechek- Chevy
  2. 1 Martin Truex Jr.-Chevy
  3. 2 Kurt Busch-Dodge
  4. 5 Kyle Busch-Chevy
  5. 6 Mark Martin-Ford
  6. 7 Robby Gordon-Chevy
  7. 8 Dale Earnhardt Jr.-Chevy
  8. 9 Kasey Kahne-Dodge
  9. 10 Scott Riggs-Dodge
  10. 11 Denny Hamlin-Chevy
  11. 12 Ryan Newman-Dodge
  12. 14 Sterling Marlin-Chevy
  13. 15 Paul Menard-Chevy
  14. 16 Greg Biffle-Chevy
  15. 17 Matt Kenseth-Ford
  16. 18 JJ Yeley-Chevy
  17. 19 Jeremy Mayfield-Dodge
  18. 20 Tony Stewart-Chevy
  19. 22 Dave Blaney-Dodge
  20. 24 Jeff Gordon-Chevy
  21. 25 Brian Vickers-Chevy
  22. 26 Jamie McMurray-Ford
  23. 29 Kevin Harvick-Chevy
  24. 31 Jeff Burton-Chevy
  25. 38 Elliott Sadler-Ford
  26. 40 David Stremme-Dodge
  27. 41 Reed Sorenson-Dodge
  28. 42 Casey Mears-Dodge
  29. 43 Bobby Labonte-Dodge
  30. 45 Kyle Petty-Dodge
  31. 48 Jimmie Johnson-Chevy
  32. 55 Michael Waltrip-Chevy
  33. 66 Jeff Green-Chevy
  34. 88 Dale Jarrett-Ford
  35. 96 Tony Raines-Chevy


Alcohol-related sponsors are removed from the game completely. The most notable example of this is the Busch Series, which is referred to as both NBS and the NASCAR National Series (in reference to Busch Grand National Series, a previous name of the series), along with a modified series logo. When an alcohol sponsor would normally appear on a car, it is replaced by the team, driver's name, or an alternate primary sponsor; examples are Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s (Dale Earnhardt, Inc., not Budweiser), Kurt Busch's (Kurt Busch rather than Miller Lite) and David Stremme's (David Stremme instead of Coors Light) vehicles. A special case is in the 7 car of Robby Gordon, whose Jim Beam/Harrah's sponsorship is replaced by Menards.



  • Dale Jarrett's Big Brown Truck paint scheme is not available in NASCAR 07, but it was in NASCAR 06: Total Team Control.
  • UPS Speedway is once again called Redball Speedway, as it was in NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup.
  • Mr. Clean Speedway is now called Allstate Speedway, which also results as not having the Mr. Clean pit crew chase plate. Mr. Clean has been replaced by Allstate as a sponsor in Custom Car Garage.
  • The Levi Strauss sponsor is not in this game, so Levi Strauss Signature Speedway is now called Meadow Creek Speedway.
  • For the Watkins Glen International track, it says in the track selection screen "Nextel Cup 400 at the Glen" but billboards for Sirius still appear. However, the 2006 race at Watkins Glen was titled AMD @ The Glen, and didn't have the Sirius sponsor that was used in previous seasons.
  • At Old Spice Speedway, billboards for Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby can be seen. In the film, Old Spice is the primary sponsor of Ricky Bobby's teammate Cal Naughton, Jr.
  • Carl Edwards is not present in the game, reportedly because he and EA Sports could not agree on a contract. In addition, full-time drivers Clint Bowyer and Ken Schrader are also unavailable. Bowyer is absent due to his car number, 07, and sponsor Jack Daniel's being a part of alcohol promotion. However, Bowyer is still available in the Busch Series. Schrader's absence was due to his sponsorship agreement. That contract said that all teams sponsored by Little Debbie must only be advertised on a sunday, as the makers of the snack product are Seventh Day Adventists. As was the case at the start of the year at Daytona where the logos of the Little Debbie car were removed and replaced by Motorcraft for saturdays Daytona qualifying session by request of the contract. This also explains why Night races ran on a saturday were replaced by either the Air Force or Motorcraft.
  • The Allstate Good Hands Driver award can now be won by the player.
  • Players can no longer use numbers below 100 for their created cars, only 100-199 can be used.
  • Breaking Benjamin's song "The Diary of Jane", which is featured on NASCAR 07's soundtrack, was also used in promotional videos for the game.
  • In the intro video for the Allstate Qualifiers, the Busch Series logo on Kenny Wallace's uniform is covered up with a piece of white tape.
  • The drivers with the lowest ratings in NASCAR 07 are Kyle Petty and Tony Raines. Every grade they have is a C-. Likewise, the one who has the highest grades in the game is Dale Earnhardt, who has all A+'s. Tony Stewart has the best ratings of any living driver with 3 A+'s and 1 A, and an overall A+. Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon both have the same 3 A+'s and 1 A, but their overall ratings are just A's.
  • No matter how good or bad at a particular type of track you are, your created driver will always have a 'B' grade in the Driver Attributes.
  • Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s picture in the Driver Select is the only picture in the game that is not a posed photo. Everyone else's picture is posed and looking at the camera, whereas Junior is not looking at the camera, and a significant brighter light balance is in his picture, which possibly means that this picture was not taken in a studio, and somewhere out around the track.
  • In most of Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s Dodge Challenge videos, he will be wearing his 2006 Busch Series Oreo uniform.
  • As with 2004 (Kevin Harvick not making the chase), and 2005 (Jimmie Johnson not winning the title, and Jeff Gordon not making the Chase), Elliott Sadler's appearance on the cover seems to have caused a Madden curse-like scenario, as he struggled to stay in the top 20 in points, even after switching teams.
  • There is an error on the number 77 Dollar General sponsored car of Burney Lamar. The number on the head lights and the rear end lights says 34, which was the number of Randy LaJoie, who drove the Dollar General car in 2005.
  • Bobby Hamilton drives the #18 Fastenal Truck in the game, despite being out of the truck since Atlanta in 2006 due to having head and neck cancer. Hamilton passed away on January 7, 2007.
  • Four teams in the Busch Series use the same number while in game. They are Evernham's #9 Unilever/Ingersoll Rand Dodge (Jeremy Mayfield and Boris Said are the drivers), Penske's #39 Penske Rental/Alltel myCircle Dodge (Kurt Busch and Ryan Newman), Kevin Harvick's #33 Outdoor Channel/Old Spice Chevrolet (Ron Hornaday Jr. and Tony Stewart), and DEI's #8 Oreo/Bass Pro Shops Chevy (Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Martin Truex Jr.).
  • If you look closely on the left front of Bobby Hamilton's #18 truck, you will clearly see Dodge logos on the sides.
  • Most of the real drivers in NCTS are updated with the new Craftsman Truck Series logo while all of the fantasy drivers and screenshots in Victory Lane have the old logo
  • If you look closely on the cover of the game, you will see that the track that is being raced on is Lowe's Motor Speedway at the Coca-Cola 600. The driver order is as follows: Elliott Sadler, Jeff Green, Mark Martin, Johnny Sauter (not in game), Reed Sorenson (Target reverse scheme not in game), Jimmie Johnson, Greg Biffle, Brian Vickers, Jeff Burton, Tony Stewart, Carl Edwards (not in game), Kyle Busch, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., and Jeff Gordon.
  • Use the Nextel Cup Allstate Dodge and qualify or race on any track. If you look closely on the left front headlight, you will see the Evernham Motorsports logo.
  • The name of the Allstate driver, Hans Goode, is an intentional pun on Allstate's motto, "You're in good hands"
  • Paul Menard races full time on the Nextel Cup circut in 2006 although in real life he only ran 7 races for a 2007 Rookie of the Year run.
  • While Bill Davis Racing's NNC car (Dave Blaney) is in the game, only one of the team's three trucks (Bill Lester's) is present. The other two, driven by Mike Skinner and Johnny Benson, are likely absent because of their Toyota sponsorship. Toyota signage has never appeared in an EA Sports NASCAR game, but is highly likely next year due to their entry in 2007 with the Camry. Both Davis and Michael Waltrip's race teams will run Toyota in 2007.
  • Kraig Kinser's team is incorrectly stated as Ginn Racing. MB2 (now Ginn Racing) had only a driver development program with Kinser. The team should actually be Morgan-Dollar Motorsports, but their name as well as Dennis Setzer's name and truck are absent.
  • Some of the trucks, such as Erik Darnell and Bill Lester, ran unsponsored through most of 2006. Erik only had Woolrich on for a few races.
  • There are many visible errors in race names. The most visible is the O'Reily Raceway Park (then named IRP) Busch race, the Kroger 200. during the victory lane sequence, its name is the IRP 200. Another scene is in the fall Phoenix Busch race where the race is incorrectly titled the Phoenix 200 when the race was sponsored by Arizona Travel. Also for the 200,it says Dover 200 in victory lane screenshots.
  • There is an error in the milage for the Martinsville 250. The race lasts 118 laps at only 25% distance, suggesting that there was an error in the number of laps being programmed, as 1/4 of the true race distance (250 laps) suggests they may have thought the race was in kilometers.
  • Ryan Newman's 39 car has the mycircle scheme,that only was on the car for one race,he mostly ran with Mobil 1 on the car.
  • Outback Steakhouse, McDonald's,and Hills Bros. Coffee are no longer available for a sponsor for the custom car garage.
  • Although there's no particular makes run in the Truck Series, Timothy Peters' and Scott Lagasse, Jr.'s trucks both carry Dodge sponsorship since Dodge is a sponsor in the game, as well as the Speedzone and Challenge modes.
  • Todd Kluever's 06 3M/Post-It Ford Fusion is the only Busch Series car that has an alternate paint scheme.
  • David Gilliland does not appear as driver of 38 M&M's Ford and as well cover of this game Elliott Sadler also does not appear as driver of 19 Dodge with no DLC and updated cover with his Dodge suit.
    • Fun Fact: The driver rivalries (such as Tony Stewart and Matt Kenneth) are based off of real life rival times. This particular Tony and Matt incident happened at the 2006 Daytona 500 (Remember the EA games were always a year ahead, which mean 07=2006. This happens for every EA nascar game that got made).


Faults Edit

  • Elliott Sadler as driver of the #90
  • In Create-A-Car mode the car numbers to choose from are only 100-200
  • Only One Legend Driver


PS2/Xbox versionEdit

  • The game now includes a "Momentum Meter" which, when full, helps to improve handling and increase speed.
  • The drivers are rated with ranks ranging from rookie to veteran, and each class has different attributes and tendencies on the track.
  • The player has the option to go double or nothing by wagering against "real-world" drivers.
  • The player can earn better contracts in Fight to the Top mode by completing Allstate Qualifiers. For an average rating of less than bronze, the player will receive a contract offer in the Whelen Modified Tour. For an average rating of bronze, the player will receive a contract offer in the Craftsman Truck Series. For an average rating of silver, the player will receive a contract offer in the Busch Series. For an average rating of gold, the player will receive a contract offer in the NEXTEL Cup Series. The cars in the top three series are all owned by Kenny Wallace, #126 (a play on the #36 that Wallace uses in dirt racing), and sponsored by the Richard Petty Driving Experience (the sponsor of the car used in Allstate Qualifiers).

PSP versionEdit

The PSP version is just like 07 for Xbox and Ps2. Nascar 07 may have been the choice for the version it would come out in, probably for that version having Ford Fusions and the updated Chevys, at the time. Which would be relevant to the future games, Nascar 08 (Had manufacturers for the Gen 4 non cot Nextel And Busch “national series” cars) and Nascar 09(which don’t have manufactuers but some cars are supposed to be Fords, and in the year 09 was made (2008), they used Fusions, and not the Ford Taurus. Though having some clearer images than the console versions, it is much harder to control for some.

  • Instant Rewind
  • Fight to the Top Mode
  • Season Mode
  • Lightning Challenge
  • NASCAR SpeedZone

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