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Welcome to the Forums on The Third Turn. This is a place to get help from, or to help, other members of The Third Turn's community. Feedback and site announcements are also posted here. To add a new topic, click the appropriate category and then type the title in the box at the top of the forum entitled and "Add new topic". (Titles such as "Problem", that give no idea of the subject, have a good chance of being ignored by busy people; so, please make the title meaningful.)

The forums are NOT an area to actively debate racing incidents, series, or news bits. There are hundreds of such boards on the internet and to prevent the need for moderation, we ask you post your opinions there. However, some of the lower-level racing series may eventually get their own forums here since they may not have alternative message boards. That decision will depend on how the Forums are received and utilized.

A quick explanation of the sub-forums:

  • Site News - See what statistics, initiatives and technology has just been added to our Wiki.
  • Feedback & Suggestions - Want to suggest a new series for The Third Turn to pick up? Want to see if your fellow users agree that a site project just isn't working out? Let us know here.

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Feedback and Suggestions01:44, July 15, 201072.75.235.207
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