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The NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series (formerly the Winston Racing Series, Dodge Weekly Series, and the Whelen All-American Series) is a semi-professional and amateur auto racing series sanctioned by NASCAR. It is commonly seen as the lowest level of competitive racing sanctioned by NASCAR, and is thus the entry point for a number of aspiring drivers.

Tracks which participate in the Weekly Series are divided randomly among four divisions. Because the Weekly Series is not a touring division, geographical proximity of the tracks is irrelevant. In 2005 the Weekly Series became the first NASCAR-sanctioned series to have a permanent presence outside of the United States, as tracks in Saint-Eustache, Quebec, Delaware, Ontario, and Edmonton, Alberta, elected to be represented in the series.

Because participants rarely compete directly against each other, and may drive a wide variety of cars against varying opposition, the driver's point system is understandably complex. Points are awarded first for finishing position according to NASCAR rules, with bonus points added for races against fields of 15 cars or greater (double points for fields of 25 or more). Only the top 16 results of a season count for a driver. Although this does help to level the playing field somewhat, it can be supposed that a driver who competes in more races against a larger field of cars will score more points for consistent finishes, and thus will end up with more points at the end of the year. Each of the four divisions crowns a divisional champion, and the driver from those four with the most points is crowded as the national Weekly Series champion.

What cars are used to score points in the weekly series is up to the discretion of the individual participating tracks, within Weekly Series guidelines. As of 2005, Sportsman, Super Late Models, Pro Late Models, Late Model Stock Cars, Modifieds, SK Modifieds, Dirt Modifieds, Dirt Late Models, Pro Stocks and Super Stocks are considered eligible categories. Participating tracks are all short tracks, ranging from 1/4 mile to 5/8 mile; most are paved, but a significant number of dirt tracks also participate.

As announced at the Weekly Series banquet in Las Vegas on November 11, 2006, Dodge dropped their sponsorship of the weekly series. Whelen is picking up the sponsorship, renaming it the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series.

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