Series: ASA Late Model Series Challenge Division
Formerly Known As: ASA Late Model Series, USPRO Cup Series
Year Founded: 2003 1 Year Ended: STILL IN OPERATION
Most Wins: Kelly Bires & Stephen Leicht (6) Most Championships: Six Drivers (1)
Season # Races Champion Point Cushion Driver With Most Wins
2003 1 9 Mark Kortz +29 Three With Two Victories
2004 13 Bobby Stremme +157 Bobby Stremme & Ryan Tedesco (3)
2005 14 Stephen Leicht +114 Stephen Leicht (5)
2006 11 Kelly Bires +332 Kelly Bires (6)
2007 11 Travis Dassow +104 Three With Two Victories
2008 8 Peter Cozzolino +56 Sean Murphy & Brian Campbell (3)
2009 9 Brian Campbell +49 Drew Brannon & Dillon Oliver (2)


1 - The 2003 USPRO Cup Series season was initially recognized by the ASA Late Model Series as being part of the series history, changing names to the ASA Late Model Series due to an ownership change late in the 2003 season. In recent years, the ASALMS has been hesitant to recognize the 2003 season as part of the Challenge Division history and even re-used the USPRO Cup Series name to sanction a spin-off series in 2007 and 2008. However, with the last official All Time Stats document the sanctioning body the series released reflecting the 2003 season as part of the tour, we will continue to recognize the 2003 season as part of Challenge Division history despite the ambiguity.

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